"It was a wonderful cosy house with a gorgeous bed to come home to after a hard days skiing...
Martijn Eijkelenborg  
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Avalon House
196 Great Alpine Road
Harrietville, Victoria 3741

Phone:+61 3 57592503
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A key aim at Avalon is to try and do everything we do with a strong focus on the environment and community. Being an old building there are some limitations (such as the need to be about four inches wide in order to insulate under the floors) but within these limitations we are trying to make the building as self-sufficient as possible in most areas.

Key steps have been to:

  • Fully insulate the roof, ceiling, walls and all parts of the floors we can reach.
  • install double glazing in all new doors and windows and retrofit existing windows with 6mm laminated glass (which reduces heat loss via glass by 60%). All windows will be curtained and have pelmets to further reduce heat loss.
  • Install gas boosted solar water heating to replace the existing electric unit and stand alone gas units.
  • Catch all rainwater in (eventually) 70,000 litre tanks reducing or removing the need to use townwater on the gardens.
  • Purchase the most energy and water efficient appliances we can find on the market wherever practical.
  • Replace all light bulbs including spot lights and recessed ceiling lights with compact fluorescents (yes you can even replace spotlights) and use motion sensors in main hallways and bathrooms.

In time we hope to ween ourself off the grid so far as possible by installing grid connected photovoltaic systems on the roof and reduce our gas use for heating by installation of more efficient boilers and by computerised zoning to reduce unnecessary heating.

In the cafe and bar we will largely sell either our own produce from our gardens or locally grown or manufactured produce.
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